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Latest news stories, future plans and handy links.

Future plans:


Here's where I'll discuss ideas of: 

'Where's next?...

as well as  our wish list for 

'The Bucket'. 
This will be added to along the way, as new bookings and ideas come to light.

 May 2024
I have two podcasts coming out shortly.
Recorded for the UK Travel Planning Website, and The Global Travel Planning website.
I will pop up links when they are released.
What fun!

June/July/Aug, 2024

USA, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Venice, Croatia, Montenegro and Greek Islands!

Yes guys, this is our
10 glorious weeks, and it will be divided into 3 separate blogs.

Firstly, a 3 week road/fly trip across the USA, visiting friends, relatives and seeing some amazing National Parks, including Yellowstone, Badlands (yeah, I had never heard of those either ), Mount Rushmore and Niagara Falls, before we hop on a 29 day Viking Cruise from NYC to Iceland, Greenland and Norway.
That will be Part 2.
Part 3, is from Venice, where we'll be hopping onboard an Azamara Cruise down the Croatian coast to Greece, ending with a few days on a Greek Island.

This is an epic one, so look for those blogs from August 2024.


Sept/ Oct 2024

Africa, France and Switzerland!

Yes, an eclectic selection here, I agree!
Firstly, Trev and I are meeting an old friend, Sharon, (whom I summited Mt Kilamanjaro with many years ago), in South Africa, to 'do Kruger' for 5 days.
From here, Sharon and I are headed to Mozambique for a 7 day horse riding safari (cue - sore butts), whilst Trev flies up to France to continue his historical WW2 exploration.
I'm going to ask him to do his own blog on that, so that's really cool - and a very different theme.
Following that, I will fly to Switzerland where I'll meet Trev for a couple of weeks, enjoying a scenic rail journey around the mountains.
That's something we have wanted to do for years.


We do have further plans for 2025, but not cemented yet. So much on for this year to still enjoy, so just pencilling in some possibilities at this stage.
Watch this space.
It will be pretty cool.

M x


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