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Latest news stories, future plans and handy links.

Towards the end of this 'Covid Year, 2020',

I was approached to do an interview by 'The Tourist Checklist'.
It was fun to have a chat about our travels and adventures, seeing that this blog has served as a wonderful memory lane

for us this year!

Here's hoping International borders will start to open freely soon, and we can start to get back to what we love so much - albeit...I'm sure things will always be somewhat different.


Anyhoo, click on this link to their travel page, and you'll be able to read my story:



Future plans:


Here's where I'll discuss ideas of: 

'Where's next?...

as well as  our wish list for 

'The Bucket'. 
This will be added to along the way, as at the moment, it is TOTALLY dependant upon Covid restrictions easing.
Nothing wrong with keeping the dreams alive I say!

OK, 2021.

Let's start planning now,

even just locally, as in, here in Australia.
And if restrictions and border closures happen again, it will be just here in Queensland.
That said, with The Great Barrier Reef just in an arm's reach of us...(we have long arms here in Oz), we might be exploring the tropics.
We are blessed with an amazing 'backyard' to travel in.

Hoping by January 2021, our borders are fully open and we at least are

free to pop down to

Sydney for Australia Day, Jan 26,

for the legendary day and night on that most famous of harbours

that we have been enjoying for the past 3 years.
We certainly hope so!







Maybe winter, June/July/August can see a 'bubble' open up for travel between Australia and New Zealand,

and if so, we may shoot over to Queenstown in the South Island,

to enjoy the snow amongst the magnificent scenery of 'The Remarkables'.


Well, that's about all we've thought of for far. Aside from some family and friends coming to stay, we might sneak something else in before the end of the year.
It's all so 'up in the air' so to speak, isn't it?

Now for 2022!

The first long haul international trip looks like it will be me travelling to Nepal, in April.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp!

And it's for my 55th birthday no less.


everst base camp.jpg

I have a friend doing this with me,

as Trev's bad knee is not up to that kind of adventure.
That's OK, he's happy for me to keep ticking of my dreams, and he will be too, as he heads back to Normandy, France, whilst I'm in Nepal, to continue his exploration of the history of WW2.

After my 2 weeks trekking,

I will fly from Kathmandu to Paris

to meet him for a week in our most favourite of cities.
That will require a couple different sets of clothes, that trip!

So, as I write this in November 2020, I have been working hard on my fitness and health so I can smash this trek!

Right, this is so not me...but I'm doing my best! 

July / August will hopefully see us hit the UK,

for an overland drive/train from the bottom of England; Land's the very top of Scotland; Durret's Head,

stopping along the way and catching up with friends, all of whom we've met on previous holidays.

It's hard living a world away from great new friends, so we will make the most of our time there, sharing a few ales and vinos with these great people as we travel along.

We look forward to seeing our Parisian holiday buddies, Pete and Shaz, as well as friends from our Antarctica and African safari holidays.
Chris, Mary, Anne, Tom and Harriet - look out for us, we will be coming!

Not to mention our favourite Welshies,

Paul and Christine,

who we'll see in their

hometown of Cardiff,

and we plan to spend a few days barging the countryside with them, stopping off at local pubs to aid their economy!

Sounds like a cunning plan. :) 

It might have to wait until 2023 (ugh, that sucks, I hate waiting that long...) - but we'd love to do a scenic rail trip around Switzerland, in Autumn,



ending up at none other than

Dracular's lair - 'Bran Castle', for a Halloween party to end ALL parties.

How much fun does that sound like?


We do have many, many more holiday ideas, but these ones are kind of set in our minds at the moment.

We must get back to our

Northern Lights itinerary

that we actually had booked for this Covid year -

So perhaps 2023 for that one too.
LOTS to do.
LOTS to see.
Watch this space!

M x

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