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Some candid, non-pro videos of our bucket list adventures.
Mostly taken on my phone. If there's water involved...the GoPro gets a run..


The Devil's Swimming Pool, on top of Victoria Falls. Cannonball!!!

Just waiting for our turn.

Best day EVER!

Our Shark Cage experience, off Cape Town. No Great Whites today, but we had 7 Bronze Whaler Sharks.It was epic!

Fly with me in a helicopter, through the gorge of

The Zambezi River.
It was such a rush!
I'll pop the Victoria Falls up next.

The 'Flight of Angels', over the magnificent Victoria Falls.
This is the dry season, so much less water, but it also meant we could swim in the Devil's Pool at the top.

Love Trev's multi tasking effort at the end. 

Fancy catching a cable car to heaven? Well, we came close on Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Giraffe kisses from the lovely Lily, at the Giraffe Manor, Kenya.She was so gentle. A very special moment!

'Camel Cam' to the Treasury of Petra.
I didn't commentate so much, just enjoyed the bobbing head of my ride as he took me to my dream destination.

Wildebeest and Zebra stampede of the Great Migration.Kenya 2019.

Zebra Crossing of the Mara River.You might like to stop before the end, as a zebra gets taken by a crocodile.Hang in there at the start, till the dust settles.The wildebeest had already crossed.

We found these loved up lions nearly every day whilst we were on safari on the Masai Mara.I just love the very end.Classic, bless him. 

Watch hyenas and vultures chowing down at sunrise on the Masai Mara.Turn your sound on. :) 

Check out how close this lion is, and the girl on the back seat can't even take a photo as her lens is too long. 

A happy and content pride of lions.See if you can count all the cubs...

Let me walk you through the opening to The Treasury, at Petra. See it as I see it for the first time. 

'Camel Cam!'
I'd always dreamt of riding a camel to the Treasury, Petra.
Here was my chance.

The clouds parted gently like sheer curtains to reveal the outstanding beauty of Machu Picchu.
Trev once moaned he didn't want to come here, joking it was 'just old rocks on a hill"...
Now it goes down in his books as one of his greatest days ever. :)

Snorkelling in the warm waters of The Galapagos Islands, the sea lions were as curious about us, as we were them.
They are so adorable, and very playful.

Cheers, from the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool!

Catherine The 1st's Summer Palace in Pushkin, Russia.
She was nicknamed 'Cinderella', as she was a commoner, who married very well!
So vast, excuse the quick pan (and the music...funny little band was playing)....I must slow down in future!

The sensational Peterhoff Fountains and Palace, St Petersburg, Russia.

We power-walked 2 km's alongside a gridlocked freeway, to get to the Great Wall of China....2 minutes before the gates closed.
Once inside, we had all the time we wanted.
Wish I had a fit-bit on that day!!!!
So worth it though!

The tunnels used during the Vietnam war by the Vietcong, were secretive and extensive.
They were crazy small. No way I'd go down them with my claustrophobia!

Riding in a 3 wheeler from the jetty to the white Boracay Beach. Mad and crazy...where's the beach????

Trev, fine tuning his blow dart hunting skills. 

This sleepy humpback came for a visit between our two zodiacs, in Paradise Cove, Antarctica.

Our guide in the Amazon, gently coaxing a shy female Tarantula out of her hole.
I thought I'd be freaked out, but the contrary, we all felt blessed with this little encounter.
She was more scared of us.


Check out these cute and curious emus we encountered in the Aussie Outback! They got almost a little too close for comfort. :) 

Driving down from Mt Slowcombe, in the Aussie Outback. A windy road of hairpin bends, and fantastic rural views, then Trev opens it up near the bottom.
Not a soul to be found for miles around here!

Downing snails in Paris.
Not looking very smart after 48 hours of being awake, but ready to tackle this French delicacy!

Let me take you down the Eiffel Tower elevator, at sunset.

The Eiffel Tower sparkling, on the hour, every hour after dark.
Truly magical, especially for our last night.

Sitting in Paris, enjoying Happy Hour, and hearing the beloved Parisian accordion playing that tune! 

Then, I get serenaded in Barcelona.
Love me a swooning alto, strumming his guitar!  

The end of a Flamenco Show in Barcelona. I think all us girls were swooning a little over the male lead, 'Fabio'... 

Our Alfama, Lisbon, Air BNB apartment. An amazing location, right where the fiesta goes off every night.
This was the calm before the storm.
We had the BEST time here.

Palace du Bussaco, Luca, Portugal.
Excuse my noisy footsteps - now you know why they are aptly named 'flip-flops'.

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